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The Truth About Deduplication

I recently went to a meeting with a potential customer, and we were talking about backup solutions. One of his questions was, “what dedup ratio do you get with your solution?”. I gave him the classic, yet entirely accurate, consultant’s response. It depends. Nowadays, many backup solutions make use of deduplication technology to efficiently store… Read More »

3PAR StorServ 7000: Enterprise-class Midrange Storage

HP recently debuted their latest storage array, the StorServ 7000.  I’ve been a big fan of 3PAR storage since I deployed a couple of their larger P10000 arrays back in 2010-2011.  I wrote about them in the articles, 3PAR P10000 Storage System Review and 3PAR Storage Provisioning. The 3PAR arrays use ultra-wide striping, essentially striping all of the… Read More »

Cost Efficient Storage Strategy

SAN storage ain’t cheap.  It’s probably the most expensive piece of hardware in your data center.  I remember when SAN storage first came on the scene, and it was supposed to bring storage costs down compared to the sprawl of locally attached storage that we had back then.  Well, costs didn’t come down, they’ve only… Read More »