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OpenStack Juno Scripted Installation on CentOS 7

Note: the are newer versions of this article: OpenStack Newton – Quick Install on CentOS 7 and also Scripted Installation of OpenStack Mitaka This article shows how to install OpenStack Juno on CentOS 7 with a couple of scripts. If you’ve manually installed OpenStack by following the official documentation, you know that there are many steps: adding… Read More »

MySQL High Availability with Galera and HAProxy

In this article, we’ll build a highly available MySQL database service. We’ll actually use MariaDB (a fork of MySQL) and build two database servers. Then we’ll use Galera to do bidirectional replication, and we’ll put the whole thing behind the HAProxy pair that we built in the last article, Redundant Load Balancers – HAProxy and… Read More »

OpenStack High Availability – Controller Stack

High availability is a must have for enterprise deployment of OpenStack. Not high availability of individual virtual machines (instances), nor high availability of individual compute nodes (hypervisor hosts). I mean high availability of the OpenStack controller stack. True, if the stack falls over, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your instances stop working (especially if you’ve… Read More »

OpenStack High Availability: MySQL Cluster

Summary: This article shows how to cluster MySQL on CentOS 6.4 using pacemaker, corosync and drbd. Note: Since writing this article, I’ve decided that providing HA for OpenStack using pacemaker is overly complicated and prone to failure. Instead, I’ve now adopted a simpler approach using HAProxy for load balancing and MySQL replication with Galera.  Please… Read More »

OpenStack – List of Helpful Resources

Our Articles Commentary: OpenStack: Just the APIs Please OpenStack Newton: OpenStack Newton: Quick Install on CentOS 7 (new!) Build a Router on CentOS 7 My OpenStack Test Lab OpenStak Mitaka: OpenStack Mitaka – Scripted Installation on CentOS 7 OpenStack Juno: OpenStack Juno Scripted Install on CentOS 7 (nova-network) OpenStack Juno Scripted Install on CentOS 7 (neutron) OpenStack… Read More »