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OpenStack High Availability – Controller Stack

High availability is a must have for enterprise deployment of OpenStack. Not high availability of individual virtual machines (instances), nor high availability of individual compute nodes (hypervisor hosts). I mean high availability of the OpenStack controller stack. True, if the stack falls over, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your instances stop working (especially if you’ve… Read More »

OpenStack Icehouse – Active Directory Integration

Note: This article has been superseded by a new article: OpenStack Juno – Active Directory Integration Updated for OpenStack Icehouse:  I’ve successfully configured the OpenStack Keystone identity service to authenticate against Active Directory. The idea is to use a centralized identity service (namely Active Directory) to store and manage your user accounts, roles and projects… Read More »

OpenStack – List of Helpful Resources

Our Articles Commentary: OpenStack: Just the APIs Please OpenStack Newton: OpenStack Newton: Quick Install on CentOS 7 (new!) Build a Router on CentOS 7 My OpenStack Test Lab OpenStak Mitaka: OpenStack Mitaka – Scripted Installation on CentOS 7 OpenStack Juno: OpenStack Juno Scripted Install on CentOS 7 (nova-network) OpenStack Juno Scripted Install on CentOS 7 (neutron) OpenStack… Read More »