vCloud Director Architecture Primer

I do some consulting for a company who’s legacy business is in decline, and they are working to transition towards new Internet-based services. Good plan.  So they’ve hired a whole army of new developers to write these new Internet-facing applications and services. And these developers are looking for virtual machines…  Lots of virtual machines. They… Read More »

OpenStack Havana – Flat Networking

This post shows how to deploy OpenStack using a flat networking model.  The OpenStack documentation does a fair job of showing how to deploy the various services of OpenStack, however details of service placement and networking in a multi-node installation are unclear at best.  The examples provided are usually incomplete or lacking in critical details.… Read More »

OpenStack Icehouse – Active Directory Integration

Note: This article has been superseded by a new article: OpenStack Juno – Active Directory Integration Updated for OpenStack Icehouse:  I’ve successfully configured the OpenStack Keystone identity service to authenticate against Active Directory. The idea is to use a centralized identity service (namely Active Directory) to store and manage your user accounts, roles and projects… Read More »

OpenStack High Availability: MySQL Cluster

Summary: This article shows how to cluster MySQL on CentOS 6.4 using pacemaker, corosync and drbd. Note: Since writing this article, I’ve decided that providing HA for OpenStack using pacemaker is overly complicated and prone to failure. Instead, I’ve now adopted a simpler approach using HAProxy for load balancing and MySQL replication with Galera.  Please… Read More »

Rethinking Your Choice of Hypervisor

In a few short years it seems like most enterprises have transitioned to virtual infrastructure in a pretty big way.  How many of your servers are VMs now, 50%?  70%?  The key enabling technology in this transition has clearly been VMware vSphere.  They have been the market leaders up to this point in terms of… Read More »

OpenStack – List of Helpful Resources

Our Articles Commentary: OpenStack: Just the APIs Please OpenStack Newton: OpenStack Newton: Quick Install on CentOS 7 (new!) Build a Router on CentOS 7 My OpenStack Test Lab OpenStak Mitaka: OpenStack Mitaka – Scripted Installation on CentOS 7 OpenStack Juno: OpenStack Juno Scripted Install on CentOS 7 (nova-network) OpenStack Juno Scripted Install on CentOS 7 (neutron) OpenStack… Read More »

OpenStack – I need how many NICs?

I’m currently working on an OpenStack deployment.  Looking at the documentation and the various deployment scenarios, each host appears to require at least two if not three or four network interface cards, depending on the OpenStack services running on that particular host.  For me, and I suspect for a lot of enterprises, this just isn’t… Read More »

Blades – Cisco Nexus – and Converged Networking

Converged networking enables storage and data network traffic to share adapters, network links and switches at least part of the way through your data center, before splitting up and going their separate ways. What’s the point? Cost savings and the ability to simplify your design. When you look at the cost of connecting your servers… Read More »