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Brian has been in the IT industry for 29 years, since the days of the first IBM PCs, over the years supporting DOS, Netware, OS/2, Lotus Notes, Windows NT, Active Directory, Linux, and whatever comes next. Currently, Brian is a Data Center Infrastructure Architect responsible for servers, storage, virtualization and cloud, and currently working as a Solutions Architect for Actifio – the pioneers of Copy Data Virtualization.

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  1. Ini Ekpo

    Regarding OpenStack Icehouse – Active Directory Integration.
    I have completed the first phase of Active directory integration with keystone following your guide. However i am stuck at the step to test keystone user-list.

    What is the correct way to export the user name (samAccountName) and password of your Active Directory user my linux bash session?



    1. Brian Seltzer Post author

      export OS_TENANT_NAME=admin
      export OS_USERNAME=myusername
      export OS_PASSWORD=mypassword
      export OS_AUTH_URL=http://CONTROLLER_IP:35357/v2.0

      replace myusername with your samAccountName (no domain name, no slash), replace mypassword with your password, and replace CONTROLLER_IP with the ip address of your Keystone instance (or load balancer address)


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